Posted by ACCU Staff ● Jun 7, 2023 11:37:03 AM

Covenant Journey Academy Selects ACCU as Financial Partner


ORLANDO, FL – This week, Covenant Journey Academy (CJA) announced a new partnership with America’s Christian Credit Union (ACCU) to provide families with education-related financial services. This partnership will allow all families enrolled with CJA to access such resources as:

  • Flexible Tuition Financing
  • Biblical Financial Literacy Training Materials
  • Student Checking & Savings Accounts 

Shawn Akers, President and CEO of CJA, said, “We’re in a once-in-a-generation moment in our culture. Just as the COVID-19 lockdowns gave parents a peek behind the curtain of the broken government education system, increasingly hostile actions by major banks are demonstrating the disdain our financial system has for those with a Christian worldview. Having a biblically-sound banking partner we can confidently introduce to our families, churches, and networks is something we’re very excited about.”

Founded by pastors in 1958, ACCU is celebrating its 65th anniversary and currently serves more than 75,000 Christian ministries and individuals across all 50 states. From basic checking accounts to adoption loans to church construction financing, ACCU gives Christians a high-quality alternative to financial institutions that champion causes contrary to biblical values.

CJA, which made its national debut at the 2023 National Religious Broadcasters convention, is a full-service K-12 online Christian Academy offering more than 150 courses, all taught by certified teachers. CJA’s programs are designed to ensure students have the knowledge and ability to apply God’s truth to make sense of the intense, and oftentimes confusing, cultural issues facing our world today. The CJA learning experience will give students the tools necessary to stand up and stand out from the crowd.

“CJA’s work is vitally important in a world that needs Christ’s light of truth now more than ever,” said ACCU CEO Vicki VannBerstein. “It is an honor to serve CJA and its families as this revolutionary learning platform gives parents more control over what their children learn and how. We are eager to see a new generation of young people prepared to take their faith seriously and bring Christianity back to its rightful place in the public square.”

Mat Staver, Founder and Chancellor of CJA, said, “Covenant Journey Academy is solving the education crisis one student at a time, the impact of which will echo through time. America’s Christian Credit Union is solving an existential threat to freedom by providing reliable banking and finance options to Christians.”

To learn more about Covenant Journey Academy, visit CJ.Academy, or call 407-875-1967. To view an informative video overviewing the many options provided by CJA, 
click here.

To learn more about America’s Christian Credit Union, visit or call 800-343-6328.



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