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Adoption is Affordable

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By Camie Schuiteman

This guest blog post was provided courtesy of our friends at Nightlight Christian Adoptions.

“We would love to adopt, but it’s just so expensive!” Sadly, the cost of adoption is the number one reason why families who would like to adopt don’t. It is estimated that 30% of American families have considered adoption, but only 2% have done so. According to the National Council for Adoption’s Profiles in Adoption 2022, the average income of a family pursuing an international adoption is between $50,001 - $75,000, and similarly the average income of a family pursuing a domestic adoption is between $75,001 - $100,000. You might be led to ask, “How do they do it?” Following are five proven successful ways to fund an adoption:


    • CREATIVE FUNDRAISING offers endless ideas as every family is uniquely fashioned with gifts, strengths, and abilities. Enlist the help of friends to turn those strengths into fundraisers. Pickle Ball enthusiasts can plan a tournament with t-shirts and prizes. Photography buffs can schedule a photo shoot in the park. Coffee connoisseurs can sell coffee with a customized label which includes your family photo with the help of Most of all, make your fundraiser enjoyable and a means to spread the news of your adoption.
    • NOW is the time to adopt with dozens of foundations offering GRANTS, including America’s Christian Credit Union! If your family fits the foundation’s criteria, you can apply, and potentially receive free money to use for your adoption expenses. There are numerous faith-based foundations who are committed to caring for orphans by assisting adoptive families with funding.
    • LOANS can be used to jumpstart your adoption journey as you apply for grants and plan creative fundraisers. America’s Christian Credit Union is committed to serving adoptive families. They are ready to walk alongside you to navigate this option.
    • Family and friends can donate to your adoption through ON-LINE CROWDFUNDING websites such as Utilize technology to work conveniently for you while your donors receive a tax benefit for their donations.
    • Don’t underestimate how SACRIFICAL SAVINGS can propel your adoption fund. Have a family meeting and enlist your children to submit ideas. It is beautiful to see what things children are willing to sacrifice when they know a new brother or sister will soon be adopted into the family. They are learning a life-long principle of sowing & reaping!

Time and time again, I have seen families miraculously obtain funding during their adoption journeys. Surround yourselves with a strong support group and begin your first funding endeavor. When utilizing the five tools above, you CAN afford adoption!


Camie Schuiteman is a Family Resource Specialist with Nightlight® Christian Adoptions and an affiliate trainer of Trauma Competent Care through Trauma Free World. Three of her six children came through adoption, and she uses her personal experience in fundraising to assist other families in their adoption journeys. It gives her great joy to see one less orphan in the world.



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