Posted by ACCU Staff ● Sep 6, 2017 2:00:00 PM

America's Christian Credit Union Presents Member-Generated Donations to Key Ministry Partners


America’s Christian Credit Union (ACCU) announced its member-generated, Visa® Platinum GiveBack donation totaling over $11,000, divided among four key ministry partners:

  • New Beginnings Adoption & Family Services (Tupelo, MS) 
  • Eastern Nazarene College (Quincy, MA)
  • The Legacy Center (New York, NY) 
  • The World Mission Broadcast project of the Church of the Nazarene (Kansas City, MO)

The ACCU Visa® Platinum GiveBack program was established to designate a portion of the revenues from everyday transactions to worthy causes. The dollars accumulated through the GiveBack program are tallied each quarter and divided into four equal shares. Three staple ministry partners are granted a share on a recurring basis each quarter, and a fourth deserving ministry is selected each quarter, on a rotating basis.

For the 2017 second quarter GiveBack, ACCU has identified Eastern Nazarene College as the fourth recipient of this charitable donation program.

This GiveBack arrangement, established in 2012, has allowed ACCU and its members to donate over $160,000 to mission-aligned organizations who are making an impact for the Kingdom.

President/CEO Mendell L. Thompson explained, “We want to extend heartfelt thanks to our ministry partners who inspire us to continue living out our mission, and to our members for making that possible. Through this Visa GiveBack, we all get to experience the joy of making a positive difference in lives and communities across America. Now that’s rewarding!”

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