Posted by ACCU Staff ● Aug 25, 2020 10:00:00 AM

ACCU Nominates Non-Profit Members for FHLBank Grant Program

FHLB-2-1America’s Christian Credit Union, a faith-based financial institution, nominated four (4) local nonprofits for The Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco (FHLBank San Francisco) matching grant program. FHLBank San Francisco implemented its matching program to help recognize deserving organizations that make positive contributions in addressing various needs of the community. Their goal was to distribute $1.8 million in matching funds to financial institutions that donated to nonprofits in response to the impacts of COVID-19.ACCU took the opportunity to nominate the following local nonprofits, many of which have been adversely impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Shepherd's Pantry(Glendora, CA), a local faith-based food pantry providing help to vulnerable individuals and families in need. During this COVID season, the need for food supply increased sharply making their services even more critical.
  • Sonrise Christian School (Covina, CA),whose mission is to create a learning environment where children can experience the love of Jesus as they grow in wisdom. With mandates from the state of California restricting live activities - including graduation - the funds were used to create a memorable experience for the students and their families. When learning about the matching gift nomination, Executive Director Miguel Mendoza responded, “The FHLB grant helped our school bless this year’s 8th grade class by enabling us to secure a large-format LED screen rental for our drive-in ceremony. Students were thrilled to see their pictures and names in lights when announced to receive their well-deserved accolades. We are grateful to be a recipient of this grant and in turn, apply it as a defining capstone of our graduating class. Thank you again for your kindness and generosity!”
  • Neighborhood Homework House (NHH) (Azusa, CA), whose mission is to provide educational support to at-risk school children in grades PK-12, along with support services to their family members as needed. NHH Executive Director, Jennifer Hicks commented, "As Neighborhood Homework House navigates the formidable challenges COVID-19 presents to our community, we are especially grateful for faithful partners like ACCU. We believe Azusa families need support now more than ever, and it is a blessing when generous provisions like this gift allow us to continue carrying out our mission."

Additionally, ACCU nominated Fellowship Church to support its community outreach efforts to help members facing hardships due to COVD. “We found a great partner in ACCU. The beautiful thing about banking with ACCU, we just didn't have a bank, we got a partner in ministry. Someone that could come alongside and get our vision, get our strategy then help us think financially through this beautiful vision. Not only did they know the landscape, and help us proceed and grow, but they are also missional. They invest in things that matter to us as a church. To know that our finances are entrusted with an organization that's taken their finances and invested in things that are missional, like foster care, how inspiring and encouraging. ACCU has been an amazing ministry partner for us,” commented Senior Pastor Albert Tate.

ACCU President/CEO Vicki VannBerstein exclaimed, “I am so pleased to see how we can band together to support such a worthy cause. Credit Unions are dedicated to the principle of people helping people, and we hope these matching grants will effectively support the great work our nonprofit members make in their communities and the world for Christ.”

ACCU is thankful for the opportunity FHLBank San Francisco has given us to highlight these organizations for all that they do for the surrounding communities. Together we are building stronger ministries, stronger communities, stronger futures, and stronger families.

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