Posted by ACCU Staff ● Mar 13, 2023 4:50:30 PM

Recent Bank Closures: A Moment of Clarity

Recent Bank Closures A Moment of Clarity-1

ACCU has been receiving calls from individuals and organizations looking to transfer funds out of their current financial institutions to the safety and soundness of ACCU.  We want you to know that we have positioned ourselves to handle every single one of these new membership and deposit requests, as people recognize the value of ACCU in light of these recent bank failures.    

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We believe this may be one of those clarifying moments between banking with a regional, profit-driven, speculative financial institution as compared with a nationally diverse, faith-based, member-centric credit union.   

  1. Being a Credit Union with a national field of membership, our membership represents a diverse cross-section of the United States. Therefore, the source of our deposits is from nearly every sector, and we are not subject to the ebbs and flows of a particular industry or region.
  2. As a faith-based credit union, we invest directly in the mission of our members. This may come through personal loans and commercial real estate. We have steered away from riskier and less secure financial instruments that have not yet stood the test of time.
  3. Being member-centric, our motive is always centered on providing the highest possible return and the lowest fees or interest rates charged. Quite honestly, this doesn’t always provide a wow-factor, but we believe in long-standing personal relationships over maximizing growth

In God’s good favor ACCU has been blessed in its measured growth since 1958. For sixty-five continuous years ACCU has posted positive net income every year by maintaining a balanced approach to deposits and loans -- keeping ACCU well-capitalized and ready to serve new and existing members alike.  

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