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ACCU Offers Financial Products and Services With a Faith-Based Approach


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In 1958, five Nazarene pastors were experiencing trouble securing access to credit and other financial products. Banks at that time measured credit-worthiness in a way that was disadvantageous to some pastors and churches. 

The pastors surmised that other church leaders were likely experiencing similar difficulties, so they decided to establish a state-chartered credit union in California that would specifically serve pastors. They pulled their meager resources together, and, armed with $135, established the Nazarene Ministers’ Credit Union of California. 

America’s Christian Credit Union was formed from these humble beginnings. America’s Christian Credit Union (ACCU) is fully equipped to serve members in all 50 states and outlying territories. It has grown to employ approximately 100 people, and it has tens of thousands of members across the country.

“We are probably one of the most open faith-based credit unions out there,” said Andrew Casanova, ACCU’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We serve almost every Christian mainline faith and pride ourselves in having both Protestants and Catholics represented in our field of membership..."

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