Posted by ACCU Staff ● Feb 20, 2019 2:30:00 PM

Basic Church Finance

Developing a strong and trusted relationship with your lender can provide your ministry with competitive financing options, access to capital, and a reliable source of advice on financial matters. As your ministry looks to begin a relationship with a lender—or maybe improve an existing one — having insight into the mind of a lender will help you develop this vital partnership.


How ACCU can help: 

  • Cash Management

    • Streamlined cash flow efficiencies
    • Collect and make electronic payments
    • Automatic tithing available
    • Multi-layered security controls
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  • Remote Deposit Capture

    • Make deposits from your computer
    • Save time and reduce errors
    • Consolidate deposits from other locations
    • Transaction log includes check images
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  • ACH Auto Payments

    • Pay ministry bills on time
    • Have payments automatically deducted
    • Set up recurring payments
    • Simple to set up
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  • Direct Deposit

    • Have payments deposited directly to your ACCU account
    • Funds are realized more quickly
    • Save time and gas money
    • Reduce trips to a branch
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