Posted by ACCU Staff ● 11/16/17 3:30 PM

Steps on Saving for Future Vacations

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Now that summer has passed and winter holidays are arriving, it’s time to start saving for your next summer vacation. Summer is filled with road trips, cruises and much-needed getaways, so why not start preparing for that vacation you’ve always dreamed of. With a little creativity, you can bulk up your bank account and be ready to take off to a new land without going into debt.

ACCU’s dedicated vacation savings account is for anyone who wants to put money aside for their future vacation. To make this easier, you can set up automatic transfers to help ensure you reach your goal.

Use these 8 strategies to make saving for your next vacation a breeze:

  1. Open a Dedicated Vacation Bank Account

    Go online and open a vacation club savings account in only a few short steps.
  1. Pick Up a Side Job

    There are several new ways to make quick money. For example, try selling items on OfferUp, or get a babysitting gig on Try selling goods at the local farmers market or offer cleaning services on Tidy or TaskRabbit. Regardless of what you decide, the sky is the limit for odd, side jobs that help bring you one step closer to affording your dream getaway.
  1. Cut Back on Your Monthly Food Budget

    For many households, food can be a huge piece of the budget pie, especially if teenagers live in the house. Taking a little bit out of the monthly food budget and putting the extra cash into the vacation account can develop into a habit of savings. A few ways to cut down the food budget can include reducing the frequency of eating out, buying in bulk or shopping at farmers markets.
  1. Use Your Car to Make a Little Cash on the Side

    Why not use your car for a little extra income? Choosing to be an Uber or Lyft driver lets you decide when and where you work.
  1. Save on Housing

    Consider refinancing your mortgage to cut down on monthly payments. Implementing energy efficient practices and hardware might also help you save on the utility bills.
  1. Sell Your Stuff 

    Look through your home, attic, and garage for extra “stuff” lying around. You’ll be surprised how much you collect. Once you find a bundle of things to sell, have a yard sale or sell through various online stores.
  1. Airline Miles

    Consider using airline miles accumulated from other trips.
  1. Spend Less on Your Workout

    Are you paying for an expensive gym membership or a personal trainer? Try cutting out that expense by turning your home into a gym. You can watch free fitness videos on YouTube or download workouts on your phone through fitness apps.

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